The Zyklop ratchet from Wera is the fastest ratchet around, and boasts such a comprehensive range of features it can replace up to 5 ratchet in the tool kit.

The Zyklop ratchet features:
– Ball-lock system to easily retain sockets and accessories until released
– Ultra-fine 72 teeth ratchet mechanism, offering a return angle of just 5 degrees, allowing ratchet use even in very confined spaces
– Ergonomic finger grips on head for manual use
– Swivel head with defined locking positions as well as easy use in any other position
– Offers a 0 degrees locking position, which is ideal when used with the unique free-rotating spin-sleeve – offers the fastest manual turning of any ratchet, before a quick flick of a switch allows additional torque to be asserted to finish tightening
– A unique bit adaptor is available, turning the ratchet into the fastest manual screwdriver around! Ideal for use with the head in the zero degrees position and fast turning via the spin-sleeve
– Features the unique and instantly recognisable Kraftform design handle, which provides soft-touch zones for increased grip and extra torque, as well as smooth, hard zones for easy hand repositioning

Even the Zyklop sets are outstanding, featuring rugged steel cases, custom design foam inserts (which are also removable, can be cut to size to fit in a tool cabinet, and are two colour, and so easily show parts that are missing), unique flexible fasteners and laser-etched contents guide.

The Zyklop ratchet range also includes the unique Wera sockets – the first in the world to be designed for both manual and power tool use (not impact), saving you time and money.

Zyklop also offers two types of extension. Both the premium and the basic variants include a free-rotating spin sleeve and knurling to aid manual use, but the premium version also adds a flexible locking system, which ensures sockets or other accessories can’t be removed until unlocked.

Wera 073262 1/2″ Drive 8000 C Zyklop Ratchet View Product
Wera 073261 3/8″ Drive 8000 B Zyklop Ratchet View Product
Wera 073260 1/4" Drive 8000 A Zyklop Ratchet View Product