Magnet Driver NH1 Magnetic Nail Holder Set

Our price £14.95 Ex. VAT Was: £19.45 List Price: £26.95 + VAT



  • Prevents injuries when hammering.
  • Holds your nails securely.
  • Strong magnetic power.
  • Prevents you from dropping and losing your nails.
  • Protects your hands and nails.
  • Thanks to the Nail Holder Bit combined with MAGNET DRIVER® we have created a way to hold iron nails safely, enabling you avoid injury to your fingers while striking with a hammer. The powerful magnet holds the nail in place in two sides allowing maximum grip, with a power up until now not seen before.
  • Set comprises;
  • 1 orange Magnet Driver® for hexagonal rods diameter 0 6 – 6.35 mm (1/4″) it also applies to the nail holder
  • 1 powerful nail holder tempered steel S2
  • 1 handle

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