Magnet Driver B50 Screw Holder Magnetic Attachment Set. Fits Screwdrivers & Power Bits

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  • Screwing has never been so easy!
  • Tired of losing screws, costing you more time and money?
  • Unable to use one hand to do the job?
  • The Magnet Driver is here to make your life easier!
  • Compatible with both power bits and screwdrivers, the Magnet Driver is the perfect addition to your tool kit. Helping to keep your screws straight and in place, you can easily use one hand to get the job done.
  • Rare-earth magnets provide the strength necessary to ensure your screw stays where it needs to be.
  • Available in multiple sets, the Magnet Driver is here to make your life, and your job, easier!
  • Each Magnet Driver is sized to a specific diameter, giving you the fit you need to get the job done right.
  • Perfect for motor engines or other jobs where precision is key.
  • True One- Handed Use With rare-earth magnetic tips, the Magnet Driver is truly a one- handed tool, allowing you to access hard to reach places with ease and confidence.
  • Direct Drive The Magnet Driver keeps the screws lined up with your bits, decreasing the chances of slipping or stripping a screw. For best results, use the proper sized bit and Magnet Driver tip. Neodymium Strength Neodymium magnets provide maximum strength for magnetic purposes. This will keep your screws straight, and more importantly, prevent wobbling or falling. Read more
  • Features:
  • MULTIPLE DIFFERENT FITS The B50 comes with a multitude of diameter sleeves, to fit on a variety of screwdrivers and drill bits. Simply slide your Magnet Driver sleeve over the properly fitting power bit and utilise the rare earth magnet to help keep your bits in place. Traditional magnetised bits may help to keep the screw in place but lack the strength to keep the bit from falling off.
  • NEODYMIUM MAGNETS Rare-earth magnets are extremely powerful, ensuring that your screw stays attached to the bit. The design of the Magnet Driver keeps your screw straight, helping to prevent cross-threading by ensuring a direct drive. This also helps to prevent stripped screws, as the Magnet Driver will keep your screw securely fastened onto your screwdriver.
  • COLOUR CODED Don’t fumble around your tool kit looking for the correct size. The Magnet Drivers easily identified colours allow you to find the proper size with ease. Every item in the Magnet Driver line contains the same colour-coded sizing, so no matter which set you get, all sizes will be easily found. Don’t waste time looking for the right bit use the Magnet Driver to save time and energy!
  • VERSATILE Whether you are using a screwdriver or impact driver, the Magnet Driver was made to work with them all! With a soft rubber base, the Magnet Driver can be compressed to ensure a solid drive and allows for countersinking.
  • EFFICIENT Free up your other hand for anything else you may need with the Magnet Driver! Using two hands to apply one screw is not only tedious, it is also less stable for larger projects. Make sure every screw is just as confident as you are with the Magnet Driver!

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