Bahco 625 TCT Pocket Wood/Paint/Metal Cabinet Hand Scraper Triangle Blade 25mm

Our price£14.90 Ex. VAT List Price: £24.31 + VAT



  • Paint scraper developed according to the scientific ERGO™ process
  • Specially designed for precision work such as scraping windows, moulding and narrow corners
  • Carbide blades suitable for scraping paint, glue, varnish and rust off wood, metal, concrete etc
  • 2-component handle for better grip and comfort
  • Can be fitted with profile blades 625-ROUND, 625-DROP and 625-PEAR
  • Fitted with triangular 449 blade and complete with holster
  • Designed for convenient storage in a pocket or on a belt
  • Narrow front with precision thumbgrip

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