Sykes Pickavant Dual Mass Flywheel – Special Tool

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  • Developed in conjunction with LUK, to allow accurate testing of the DMF unit, whilst it is still mounted on the vehicle, with the gear box removed.
  • Dual Mass Flywheels (DMF) are fitted to many modern vehicles: Cars, Vans and Trucks
  • DMF units are designed to dampen out unwanted engine vibration, particularly important on modern High Speed diesel engines.
  • By dampening unwanted vibration, engine and transmission components can be made lighter, in order to maximise the higher power outputs available from the modern diesel engine.
  • DMF units are designed to last the life of 2 clutch units, assuming correct vehicle usage and normal load conditions.
  • The special DMF Tool will allow the user to assess the condition of the DMF unit prior to fitting a new clutch.
  • The DMF kit comes complete with all the components required to test the DMF including the LUK specific DMF Data, instructional CD and Data Wheel which are vital to the correct operation of the kit.
  • Measures both the radial and lateral movement of the 2 components of the DMF.
  • The Data Wheel provides the specific data, per application, to allow the technician to correctly evaluate the DMF.